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Since its inception in 1995, Gay City has promoted the holistic health of our community through innovative programs and approaches. Increasingly in recent years this has included partnering with queer artists to engage LGBTQ communities through a variety of disciplines as a means of building community and promoting our collective wellness. Our growing involvement in the arts has led to the formation of Gay City Arts.

Art is the voice, spirit and conscience of every community and is a vital tool for community reflection, dialogue and pride. Through Gay City Arts, Gay City collaborates with local LGBTQ artists to galvanize an audience for queer arts, foster the development of LGBTQ artists and works, and facilitate artistic excellence that is accessible. Gay City Arts is committed to presenting challenging, dynamic and excellent queer art across a wide range of disciplines, including theater, music, dance, film, spoken word, literary and visual arts.

About Calamus Auditorium

The Calamus Auditorium at Gay City aims to be a premiere organizing center and performance and exhibition space for Seattle’s queer arts community. Currently under development, the Calamus Auditorium will be an intimate performance venue (maximum capacity 75), fully equipped with lighting, sound and audio/visual equipment. Located in Seattle’s Pike/Pine corridor on Capitol Hill, the Calamus Auditorium is conveniently located near downtown Seattle and centered near the hub of Seattle’s most dynamic arts district. For rental information, please see our Calamus Auditorium Rental page, or contact

Proudly Supporting Queer Arts

Gay City Arts presents Choose Life

Opening: August 11
Exhibition: August 11 - Sept 9

Gay City Arts presents Choose Life. The idea of religion vs gay rights is shown in a haunting yet colorful way with a new look on paper art. Choose Life exhibits collages inspired by normal teenage angst heightened by anxiety and depression.

Self-taught teen artist Avery Brooks (more commonly known as Rat) is Texas born and Seattle-based. Using scraps of paper as a form of protest, she takes inspiration from 90's punk art. You can see more of Avery's work on Etsy and Instagram.

Gay City Arts Season 4: Uncontained

Every day we face boundaries. We’re told we don’t belong because of the way we look, the way we act, or the way we sound. We’re told who we’re allowed to love and who we’re allowed to be. But we’re so much more than the constraints society smothers us with. We’re big, we’re bold, and we’re free. We’re UNCONTAINED.

Gay City Arts proudly presents our 4th performing arts season, UNCONTAINED. Gay City Arts Season Four runs from September 2016 through May 2017, and features some of the best of Seattle’s queer performing arts, including comedy, music, theater, and burlesque!

Season Schedule

Sept 8-11
Glory in Ruin: A Burlesque Journey Through Trauma & Triumph

Burlesque / Ms. Briq House

Oct 13-16 & 20-23
Sleep Squad

Comedy-Variety Show / L Henderson

Nov 10-13 & 17-20
When There Were Angels

Theater / Robert Roth

Dec 8-11 & 15-18
Gay Witch

Multi-Arts Showcase / Shelby Handler

Jan 12-15

A Sick& Disabled LGBTQ Artists Variety Show Tara Hardy

Feb 9-12 & 16-19
Super Layered

Race, Gender and Queer Performance Practice/Protest / Dani Tirrell

Mar 9-13 & 16-19
How I Learned To Be A Particular Kind of Lady

A One-Performer Show / The Lady B

April 13-16 & 20-23
Deep Space Lez

Comedic Lesbian Theater / ilvs strauss

May 11-14 & 18-21
Rising Up: A Queer Social Justice Musical

Rock Opera / Ebo Barton

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