DOE: An Exploration of the End

Gay City Arts Season 7 premieres with DOE: An Exploration of the End by Scarlett D’Giacomo.

DOE is an apocalyptic fairy-tale told through music, poetry, and ritual.

Nov 14-15 • 7-9PM

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Gay City offers a premier 50-seat performance space and two intimate spaces for the community and queer arts performaces.

About Gay City Arts

Art is the voice, spirit, and conscience of every community and is a vital tool for community reflection, dialogue, and pride. We collaborate with local LGBTQ artists to galvanize an audience for queer arts, foster the development of LGBTQ artists and works, and facilitate accessible artistic excellence. Gay City Arts is committed to presenting challenging, dynamic, and excellent queer art across a wide range of disciplines, including theater, music, dance, film, spoken word, comedy, and literary and visual arts. Performance seasons run from September through May.

Upcoming season submissions occur every summer. To learn more, subscribe to the Arts Newsletter.

January 15-18
F*ck coming out, we’re coming home
by Ghetto Heaven Collective
Fri. to Mon.

April 8-11
Anyone on the Hill?
by Ana Walker
Weds. to Sat.

April 30-May 2
The True Adventures of 2 Black Crips: Not Always Funny, but Always Real
by LL Gimeno
Thurs. to Sat.

May 28-30
And Then I Got Fired: On Being Trans, Unemployed & Surviving Anyway
by J Mase III
Thurs. to Sat.