Pride 2022

Happy Pride!

Our 30 Days of Pride fundraiser is running all month long, and we want you to be a part of it! Our goal is to raise $100k to support Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Center’s work and our new LGBTQ+ youth drop-in center.

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30 Days of Pride Fundraiser

How it works
Pride Bingo or Blackout

Each day of June represents a different area of our work that you can support. Earn a chance to win prizes by donating to 5 different categories or organizing your friends to donate(bingo) or supporting every day of the campaign (blackout).

How You Can Help
Become a Pride Captain:
Organize a group of friends to play with you and increase your blackout odds!

Sponsorship: Join our dedicated group of local businesses and organizations who support Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Center during Pride month through fundraisers, cash donations, and more.

In-Kind Donations: Promote your business to our community by donating to our prizes pool for our top fundraisers.

Go to the fundraiser page and select “Fundraise” to get started, or email us about your in-kind donation.

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Why We Are Doing This Fundraiser
Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Center (formerly Gay City) moved into a brand new space in April, 2022. Having an LGBTQ+ Center that provides space for community and connection is more important than ever, especially for young people, who are often at risk for many health disparities such as unstable housing, economic instability, self-harm and substance use.

Your support during Pride month will give LGBTQ+ young people a place where they can be themselves together in community, and find the connection and resources they need to thrive.

Our new home includes a dedicated youth space that will house our new youth drop-in center. Your support during 30 days of Pride will help make our dreams for this space a reality, such as: an onsite therapist for crisis response and referral services, wrap-around services to connect queer and trans young people with gender affirming care, housing and food vouchers, community fridge and culturally relevant snacks, community closet, classes taught by local QTBIPOC artists, homework help, support for non-English speaking queer and trans young people, support for disabled queer and trans people, comprehensive sex education, safety and self-defence training, paying youth interns to staff the space daily, and more.

Some of our programs include:
Diversion Program – an online youth domestic violence diversion program that supports youth and families of all orientations/ gender identities, who have encountered the criminal justice system. This program builds protective factors, connects participants with resources, and after completing the program, their charges will not be filed.
Youth Arts Program (100% QTBIPOC) – a paid guided mentorship program for LGBTQ BIPOC youth ages 13-18. Youth pursue artistic passions and goals in performance-based mediums like art, writing, movement/dance, and acting, through a series of workshops and mentorship sessions led by teaching artists whose identities are reflective of the students.
Youth Pride at MoPOP & PrideFest Capitol Hill – teens and young adult pride programming in the evening at MoPOP for age 14-21, and afternoon programming during Pride weekend for younger audiences ages 8-16
Youth Advisory Council (YAC) (100% QTBIPOC) – a group of LGBTQ BIPOC youth (ages 12-24) that guide the design and implementation of youth prevention programming that decreases the impact of risk factors that contribute to LGBTQ health disparities (like substance use/abuse, high-risk sexual practices, homelessness/unstable housing, economic instability, and suicidality) and increases youth protective factors that promote self-determination, liberation, and joy.
Youth Advocacy Media (85% minimum QTBIPOC)– 7 young people help us with all aspects of our media coverage and raise awareness about LGBTQ+ concerns by promoting affirming prevention messages through various media channels including social media graphics and podcast episodes
Media Arts Club (85% minimum QTBIPOC)– a job training program where young people recieve an iPad and apple pencil that they can keep for as long as they are affiliated with Gay City and where a bilingual Spanish/English teaching artist teaches skills in illustration, graphic design, and animation. Young people will also have the opportunity to print their designs on stickers, tote bags, and t-shirts. For ages 12-20.
Online Drop-in – meets weekly on Wednesdays starting April 13th 2022, open to LGBTQ+ young people across Washington, ages 12-24.
Queer Peer Mentors (85% minimum QTBIPOC) – a by-and-for summer mentorship program for people ages 12-24 for people who have experienced hurt or harm, providing specific advocacy and resources tailored to the needs of BIPOC LGBTQ youth, as well as access to flexible funds to meet those needs.
Queer and Trans Outreach & Trainings – provides trainers to provide in-depth training and technical guidance based on a company’s needs, including LGBTQ, Youth, Gender and Racial Justice Trainings and Technical Assistance Programs.
Free HIV & STI testing – free confidential and anonymous HIV testing and STI screening. Testing includes Rapid HIV Testing (finger poke), HIV antibody testing, and screening for syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and Hep C, as well as access to PrEP.
Healthcare Navigation – virtual and in-person enrollment assistance in health insurance plans with the assistance of a multilingual LGBTQ health navigator
Resource & Referral – Gay City operates the LGBTQ Resource and Referral line for the City of Seattle
LGBTQ+ Library – the largest LGBTQ+ Library in the Pacific Northwest
Emerge (100% QTBIPOC) – a workshop series supporting QTBIPOC developing artists with leadership from established mentor artists through a workshop series culminating in an arts festival highlighting each artist’s work.

See all the categories
Donate across 5 categories (on 5 different days) or get 5 friends to donate to win a bingo! Donate every day and join the monthly giving category to earn a blackout. 

  1. Gender Affirming Care
  2. Housing Support
  3. Food Access
  4. Mental health
  5. Visual arts
  6. Performance arts
  7. Celebration and Pride events
  8. Academic success
  9. Economic wellness and job training
  10. Technology and Media Arts
  11. Transportation
  12. Accessibility and disability services
  13. Comprehensive sex education
  14. Mentorship
  15. Family support & family, elder, and support at any age services
  16. Health and wellness
  17. Safety/self defense
  18. Sports and movement
  19. Policy, lobbying, and systems change
  20. Translation, interpretation, and language services
  21. Immigrant and Undocumented services
  22. Support for survivors
  23. DEI & cultural competency
  24. LGBTQ+ Library, Literacy and Books
    Each Sunday in June represents Sustainable Sundays (monthly giving program)

All 25 Donation Categories

We’re featuring 1 category per day in June. Check back throughout the month to learn about why you should donate in support of our work in that area!

Gender Affirming Care
Performing Arts
Families, Elders, and Support at Any Age
Translation, Interpretation, and Language Services
Celebration and Pride Events
Comprehensive Sex Education
Health and Wellness
Immigrant Services
Academic Success
Sustainable Sundays
Earn this spot by joining our Monthly Giving Club!
Safety and Self Defense
Support for Survivors
Mental and Emotional Health
Economic Wellness and Job Training
Accessibility and Disability Services
Sports & Movement
Diversity, Equity, Access, and Inclusion
Visual Arts
Technology and Media Arts
Policy, Lobbying, and Systems Change
Literacy and Books

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn the center space on the bingo card?
Those that join our monthly giving club can earn the center space. That means that joining the monthly giving club is necessary in order to get a blackout!
Do the donations have to form a straight line on the bingo card in order to get a bingo?
No! As long as you donate 5 times or get 5 people to donate, you can earn a bingo. 
Do I have to donate on the day a category is featured in order to contribute towards that category?
No! You may donate towards any category on any day of the month.
Can I still participate even if I can't donate?
Yes! There are 2 main ways:

  1. Form a team and get others to donate. Any little bit helps!
  2. If you are an artist, contact us about creating artwork for the pool of prizes. We can pay for your work (we always pay artists), or you can choose to donate your art as a donation in-kind.

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