About Gay City


Welcome to Gay City: Seattle’s LGBTQ Center with more than 20 years of supporting and advocating for our LGBTQ communities. Gay City formed in 1995 during the HIV/AIDS epidemic and has evolved into an organization impacting both the Greater Seattle Area and beyond. We provide a space for our LGBTQ people to grow, thrive, and be themselves. Gay City’s Wellness Center, our LGBTQ Resource & Referral Program, our Gay City Volunteer Crew, and Gay City Arts all provide multiple ways for our community to gather, connect, find voice and serve.

Our Mission

Gay City: Seattle’s LGBTQ Center cultivates access and connections to promote self-determination, liberation and joy in our communities.

Our Values


Gay City recognizes that our community members are multifaceted, with overlapping and intersecting identities. Gay City seeks to honor our interdependent identities in all our services and programming. We also recognize that LGBTQ communities face multiple and intersecting forms of structural oppression. We are committed to honoring those truths in all that we do.

Gay City is committed to creating more opportunities for all LGTBQ people to receive services, resources, engage in community and in the Arts. To do that, we’re committed to building accessibility.

Gay City takes community seriously. We act in service of people’s daily needs, and towards our greater liberation, as they are not separate. We know the power of community and take great care in building it for today and generations to come.

Gay City sees transparency being key in creating equitable outcomes and getting people what they need to be successful. We have established policies, procedures, and practices with the intent to be clear and open with the communities we serve.  

Gay City shows up. We lean into our responsibility to address critical issues affecting LGBTQ people. Gay City advocates for the whole person.

Sex & Body Positive
Gay City values all bodies and consensual sexuality. We defer judgment when people seek support or share their diverse stories and invest in people’s self-determination. 

General Contact

If you’re trying to reach out to us for a specific reason, please use one of these email address:

For anything involving our art shows or arts program.

For media contacts and promotion requests.

To schedule an appointment with one of our insurance navigators.

To schedule an appointment to get an orca lift card.

For questions about and to discuss eligibility for our PrEP clinic.

For anything involving our youth program.

For anything involving our Wellness Center and HIV/STI testing program.

For interest in becoming a volunteer or learning more about volunteer opportunities.

For all other issues.

Contact Us

Gay City: Seattle’s LGBTQ Center
517 E Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98122

Phone: 206-860-6969
Fax: 206-860-0195
Email: info@gaycity.org