Outreach, Training & Technical Assistance

"let's dive into intersectionality" with colorful illustrations of a wheelchair, faith related imagery, communities of color, flag icons, and more.

New for Spring 2023: Virtual Learning Space

We invite you to learn how to better show up for our LGBTQIA+ communities through building foundations of knowledge ranging from gender identity to intersectionality.

Currently there are three courses offered: Pronouns 101, Breaking It Down: LGBTQIA2S+, and Intersectionality. They are available on a sliding scale from $25 to $100 each, with a bundle of all three available for $250 for larger organizations.

Consider taking the courses yourself or sharing them with friends, colleagues, or anyone else that may need to brush up on their LGBTQIA+ cultural competency!


Invite your local LGBTQ center to your community event. Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Center always seeks opportunities to connect LGBTQ+ communities to resources, provide HIV/STI testing and educate allies about the organization.

In order to allow enough time for us to schedule staff for outreach events, we ask that you reach out at least two weeks (or preferable longer) in advance of your event. The best way to send us an invite is simply to email us. We look forward to attending your event!


Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Center provides leading trainers and educators who will provide in-depth training and technical guidance based on your needs.

From making your company culture inclusive of LGBTQ communities to building motivational interviewing skills, we can fulfill your needs.

Trainers require at least two-weeks notice prior to the training or technical assistance.

To request a training, please click here to complete the form. After submitting the form, we will reach out to you within 10 business days with next steps.


You can help increase the health and wellness of our community. Request safe sex supplies and multiple condom packs (about 100 per pack) from Gay City.

All requests will be addressed within 10 business days.