Staff Directory

Alayna Jasso (she/her)
Resource Coordinator
206-486-1423 / [email protected]

Andrew McGinnis (he/they)
Marketing Strategy Coordinator
206-388-1709 / [email protected]

Bekah Telew (she/they)
Co-Executive Director
206-388-1711 / bekah@gaycity.org

Charl!e Russell (they/them)
HIV/STI Tester
206-388-1705 / [email protected]

Daynon Jackson (they/them/theirs)
Youth Advocacy Program Coordinator
206-388-1712 / [email protected]

Eddy Chavez (he/him)
Communications Coordinator
206-388-1702 / [email protected]

Howard Kwong (he/him)
HIV/STI Tester
206-486-1413 / [email protected]

Indigo Magenta (they/them)
Youth Advocacy Program Coordinator
206-486-1419 / [email protected]

Jiéyì Zhou (they/them)
Youth Advocacy Program Manager
206-388-1710 /[email protected]

Jing Jing Wang (they/them)
Youth Advocacy Program Manager
[email protected]

Joanne Stekler
Volunteer Medical Director, MPH Associate Professor,
Division of Infectious Diseases, Harborview Medical Center

Josh Freese (he/him)
206-388-1713 / [email protected]

Kai Horton (they/them)
Co-Executive Director of Programs
[email protected]

Luis Viquez (he/him)
HIV/STI Tester & Community Outreach Coordinator
206-388-1706 / [email protected]

Maggie Murphy (she/her)
HIV/STI Tester
[email protected]

Nadia Yeracaris (she/her)
Data Coordinator
[email protected]

Nasreen Hassan (he/they)
Youth Advocacy Communications Coordinator
206-486-1417 / [email protected]

Peter Cleary (he/him)
Project NEON Coordinator
206-486-1410 / [email protected]

Sam Choi (he/him)
Training and Technical Assistance Coordinator
206-860-9232 / [email protected]ity.org

Tony Magaña Jr. (he/him)
HIV/STI Tester
206-388-1708 / [email protected]

Yahaira Arenas (she/her)
Clinic Manager
206-388-1708 / [email protected]