Staff Directory


Andrew McGinnis (he/him)
Marketing & Health Messaging Coordinator
206-388-1709 /

Bekah Telew (she/her)
Director of Development
206-388-1711 /

Clara Duffy (they/them)
Manager of Community Resources
206-388-1712 /

Dilpreet Kochhar (she/her)
Research Coordinator
206-486-1412 /

Fred Swanson (he/him)
Executive Director
206-388-1702 /

Garfield Hillson (he/him)
Director of Health Services
206-486-1411 /

Joanne Stekler
Volunteer Medical Director, MPH Associate Professor,
Division of Infectious Diseases, Harborview Medical Center

Josh Freese (he/him)
Data Coordinator
206-388-1713 /

Lady Anderson (she/her or anything said with respect)
Director of Policy, Advocacy, and Community Engagement
206-388-1710 /

Lector Morales (he/him)
HIV/STI Tester
206-388-1705 /

Luis Viquez (he/him)
Community Outreach Coordinator
206-388-1706 /

Maisha Manson (they/them)
Youth Advocacy Program Manager
206-388-1703 /

Melvin Givens (he/him)
Director of Marketing & Communications
206-388-1715 /

Tony Froehlich (he/him)
Director of Operations

Viola Eldred (she/her)
Operations Coordinator
206-388-1704 /

Yahaira Arenas (she/her)
HIV/STI Tester