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View HIV/STI Testing Results

Important Test Result Information: If you were tested in early June and are not able to see your test results in the online portal, please call (206)734-5662 and we will call you back as soon as possible with your test results. Please note, it may take 7-10 business days for your results to be available.

Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Center clients can view, download and print their HIV/STI testing results online for free. No more waiting for the results phone line to open. 

Testers will invite clients to use the Patient Portal during their appointment. If clients agree, they can check results here.

*Lab results may take 10-14 business days to become available. Please note that our testing team will contact clients with positive results before they are posted. 

Frequently Asked Questions

First-Time Login: Acquiring my Username and Password

During your appointment, provide your tester with your email address and you will receive a passcode and temporary password.

  • Username: Your email address
  • Temporary Password: Provided by tester
  • Passcode: Please use to reset your password by phone.

Logging In

First Time User

Enter your Username (email address) and temporary password. Select the Sign In button. You will be asked to reset your password after logging in.

Returning User

Enter your Username (email address) and password. Select the Sign In button.

*Always use a secure password to ensure the confidentiality of your medical records. Please also remember to sign out of your account, especially if you are on a public or shared device.

Forgot my Password or Login ID

If you ever forget your password, select “Forgot my Password”.
screenshot of the

On the next screen, please complete these four fields:

  • User Name: Should be the same as your email.
  • Email
  • Date of Birth you gave to the Tester
  • Zip Code you gave to Gay City during Registration.

Selecting My Messages

Your Patient portal will include options to see the dashboard and messages from your Gay City tester.

To check your results, select Messages, and select the blue document link to download your test results.

You will receive a separate message for every location on your body where specimens were collected and tested (e.g. throat, back hole/rectum, front hole/vagina, blood).

Keep good track of your results. Do not save the result on a public or shared device.

Please note: Testers will not respond to messages sent through the Patient Portal. If you have any inquiries about your results, please call 206-860-6969  x718 or email [email protected].

View Prior Results

In your Patient Portal, select “Forms/Documents”. You can then view all prior results and client documents (e.g. patient forms, messages).

View testing results

How to Read Your Results

Please note that Gay City generally will not release inconclusive results, nor will we release reactive/positive results without first connecting with clients.

In the Observation Identifier (i.e. test type), the keywords to look for on your results are:

  • Positive/reactive: Tested positive
  • Negative/nonreactive: Tested negative

Test Types

Observation Identifier  Screens For
RPR (Rapid Plasma Reagin) Syphilis
Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Gonorrhea
Chlamydia Trachomatis Chlamydia
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Below is an example of where to view these identifiers on your HIV/STI testing results:

In the test above, the HIV test indicates a negative result. For the RPR Qualitative (Syphilis), the STI test result is nonreactive (or negative).

If you have questions about your test results, please contact us at 206-860-6969 x718 or email us at [email protected].

Browser Issues

Our software vendor recommends Google Chrome, Mozilla firefox, or Safari be used with the Patient Portal on the last operating software for your device. You should also have a working PDF viewer on your device. Gay City is not equipped to answer any technical issues regarding your device or browser.

We recommend contacting InSync at 877-346-7962 for assistance. 

Sending Test Results to My Physician

Gay City will fax your testing results to any physician with your approval. Please visit our Wellness Center to complete the proper documentation with a Wellness Center representative.

Documentation will need to be completed prior to each request to send results to a physician.

Additional Questions

If you have additional questions about the Patient Portal/results, please contact us at 206-860-6969 x718 or email us at [email protected].