Youth Programs

Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Center (Gay City) promotes protective factors that support the development and self-determination of LGBTQ youth.

From the launch of Queercore in 1996 to our multiple youth groups today, Gay City has worked with LGBTQ youth to decrease the risk factors that contribute to LGBTQ youth health disparities. The intent is to help dismantle inequitable systems and practices, especially those that disproportionately impact LGBTQ Black and Indigenous youth communities.

Drop-In Center

Now Open!

The Drop-In Center officially opened on July 13, 2022! The hours for winter 2023 are Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 2pm to 6pm, and Saturdays from 12pm to 4pm.

It’s at our space at 400 E. Pine St. #100, Seattle, WA 98122, inside Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Center. Pop in, say hello, and ask the person at the front desk where the youth space is 🙂

About the Center

It’s a space designed by youth, for youth. It’s a place where you’re allowed to exist as your full self, without needing a purchase, a closet, or an explanation. Come hang out with other LGBTQ+ young people and play games, watch movies, create art, and just be you!

Daynon, Jieyi, and Sam forming a heart with their arms in a grassy park

GSA Mini Grants

About the Grants

We’re providing up to $500 in seed money to new Gender-Sexuality Alliances (GSAs) across Washington State. If you’re a student or faculty member and think your school needs a GSA, but you need some funding to get started, this is for you!

How to Apply

Email us with “mini grant” in the subject line to get started!

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Media Arts Club

Media Arts Club Application

This program is not currently accepting applicants. Check back later!

About the Program

If you are a queer or trans young person ages 12-20 who wants to create artwork to improve the health and resiliency of our communities, join our new Media Arts Club! You will receive up to $580 in stipends, have an iPad to use during the duration of the program, and get lessons in graphic design, health communication, and more! Saturdays April 23 – June 24, 2022.  

Media arts club flier in English

Eligible participants are:

  • Queer/Trans
  • Ages 12-20
  • Residents of Washington

Participants will receive: 

  • iPad to use through the duration of the program
  • Up to $580 in stipends
  • T-shirt and art prints
Media arts club flier in English

Club Medios del Arte!⁠

Crea una pieza de arte que celebre espacios y estilos de vida libre de sustancias⁠. 
Todos los sábados desde el 23 de abril hasta el 24 de junio.

Quienes pueden participar:⁠
  • Queer/Trans
  • 12-20 años
  • Residentes en WA
Vas a recibir:⁠
  • Un iPad prestado
  • Un sueldo de hasta $580⁠
  • Una camiseta e impresiones de tu arte!⁠

Online Drop-In

Stop by Sometime

Online Drop-In is a virtual space for youth ages 12-24 across Washington State! It’s a great way to meet other queer youth, play games, and just hang out. Drop-In is every Wednesday from 4 to 5 PM, starting April 13!

Visit to get an invite to the next session, or sign up for our email newsletters to get updates here.

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Youth Advisory Council

About YAC

The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a group of LGBTQ BIPOC youth that live throughout Washington State. In collaboration with Gay City staff, they support the design and evaluation of effective youth advocacy that promotes self-determination, liberation, and joy.


Join YAC

The Youth Advisory Council is growing! All Queer and Trans BIPOC Youth ages 14-24 can join. We have monthly virtual meetings. All members are paid $20/hr for participation, provided with a tablet, and receive an internet stipend to aid in participation.

If you have questions, please email our Youth Advocacy Program Coordinator [email protected] or text (209) 645- 3191 for more information.

Ready to apply? Click here.

YAC Recruitment graphic with text encouraging youth to "be a decision maker in queer and trans advocacy".

Youth Advocacy Media (YAM)

About YAM

A group of LGBTQ youth (ages 12-20) from across Washington State that raise awareness about LGBTQ+ wellness concerns by promoting affirming prevention messages through various media channels. They create content to connect youth to supportive communities, affirming resources, and tools to help teens self advocate. Check out the  YAM Instagram – @YAMWashington

YAM application image

Join YAM

We are looking for more LGBTQ+ teens and young adults in Washington State who are interested in expanding their creative capabilities and learning how to develop compelling content that helps support the self determination, liberation, and joy of youth in our communities.

If you’re interested in illustration, animation, podcasting, blogging, marketing, or content creation in general, and you want to use those skills to advocate for the needs and health of queer and trans youth, this is the opportunity for you!

YAM members are provided a stipend at $20 an hour and provided with a tablet. BIPOC youth are strongly encouraged to apply. Please apply here or contact us with questions.

Peer Mentorship Program

Mentorship Application

This program is not currently recruiting but check back later for updates, or subscribe to our newsletter.


About the Program

The Gay City Mentorship Program is for young people ages 14-24 in Washington State! This program will primarily be remote with optional opportunities for in-person events in Seattle. 

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This peer-mentor program was created to address oppressions that target youth who identify as people of color and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer. Racism, ageism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of oppression put QTBIPOC youth at greater risk of harmful substance use, homelessness, suicide, and other negative health outcomes. These forms of oppression also make it harder for QTBIPOC youth to find safe role models who understand and identify with their experiences.

Gay City seeks to change that by connecting QTBIPOC youth with peer mentors to add to the safety net of people they can rely on to affirm their identities, give advice, and guide them through challenges they may be facing as a result of intersecting oppressions. Mentors will be assigned to 3 mentees in Washington State and will meet with them in-person or virtually once a week for at least one hour.

As adultism negates the value of youth labor and often coerces youth into working for free, we are dedicated to funding all members of the program, both mentors and mentees. Providing stipends for the youth not only acknowledges the amount of labor and effort that they are contributing, it is another way to express our value for them, since without the youth this program would not be possible.

Mentor stipend: Mentors will receive up to $1000 for completing our training and meeting with each of their 3 mentees once a week.

Mentee stipend: Mentees will receive up to $440 for attending our group events and meeting once a week with their mentor.

Summer Schedule:

  • Mentors and Mentees meet weekly
  • [MENTORS] 7/22 10:30-12 — group check in with therapist
  • [EVERYONE] Friday 7/29 — Pritchard Beach Day! We’ll meet at Pritchard Beach from ~12-5pm and bring water, snacks, and other essentials. Feel free to bring any other queer/trans young people you know who might be interested in coming.
  • [MENTEES] Friday 8/12 10:30am – noon — group check in with therapist
  • [MENTEES] Saturday 9/10 10:30-noon — group check in with therapist
  • [MENTORS] Saturday 9/17 10:30 – noon — group check in with therapist
  • [EVERYONE] Saturday 9/24 3pm-4:30pm — completion ceremony
Queer Peer Mentors informational flowchart

By centering the direct needs of LGBTQ youth, the needs of the community can be met. Gay City offers a multitude of youth advocacy and support trainings to create more equitable systems.

Technical Assistance

Gay City offers technical assistance to
organizations that are interested in providing equitable and sustainable youth advocacy and service provisions, such as developing organization-wide information systems to building the motivational interviewing skills of your staff. Learn more and submit a request for technical assistance here.