Due to the latest COVID-19 advisories, all space rentals are postponed.

Reserving a Space at Gay City

Gay City offers two meeting/event spaces for rental: the Michael Henson Conference Room and the Calamus Auditorium. Both are available for rental seven days per week, except for major holidays. Sundays are by special arrangement only.

For rental information or questions, please contact Viola@GayCity.org. 


The Calamus Auditorium at Gay City is an intimate performance venue fully equipped with lighting, sound and audio/visual equipment. Located in Seattle’s Pike/Pine corridor on Capitol Hill, the Calamus Auditorium is conveniently located near downtown Seattle and centered near the hub of Seattle’s most dynamic arts district.

  • Size: approximately 750 sq. ft.
  • Max attendance: 49 people
  • Max seating: approximately 49 people


  • Hourly: $30 per hour standard/$25 per hour non-profit
  • After Hours (after 5 p.m.): add $30/($25 np) staffing charge
  • Equipment Use: $30/($25 np) flat fee for each piece of equipment (i.e. projector, light, sound) PLUS $15 per hour staffing fee (this would be instead of the After Hours staffing fee, NOT in addition to it if the equipment rental is After Hours)
  • Non-performance rentals will NOT include the use of the kitchen. All rentals must be done by 8 p.m.


  • Performance: $250/($200 np) flat fee per day (6 hours)
  • Staffing Rate: $30 flat staff fee AND $15-20 per hour technician fee
  • Security Deposit: $250 (fully refundable)
  • Performance Rental includes: Use of all equipment and kitchen as green room/dressing room. Kitchen may only be used after 5 p.m. on weekdays
  • Rehearsal Rate: $30/($25 np) per hour, plus regular equipment rates, staff rate, and technician rates
  • If renter is also using the Calamus Auditorium for a performance, then rehearsal rate drops down to $15 per hour

Space Availability

Here is a calendar of all the events that are going on at Gay City! This calendar will show you what spaces are available and on what days. If you have any questions about availability, please contact Viola@GayCity.org.

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