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Vote for Visibility

For the past 15 years, LGBTQ people have proportionately voted at lower rates than non-LGBTQ+ voters. It’s our elected officials who will approve education, employment, and health care bills that affect our communities. They will determine how to use the census data to influence the resources we need in our community.

This year, join us at the polls. Stand with your community and fight for an affirming, queer-inclusive world.

Let’s vote and increase LGBTQ+ visibility in our communities!

Black Femme Holding A Pair of My Vote Counts Stickers

King County Election Dates

August 6 – August 2024 Primary Election

November 5 – November 2024 General Election

10 Ways to Prep for an Election

We’re consistently being hit with misinformation and voter suppression tricks. Time to counter it with our own tactic – knowledge – with 10 ways to prep before visiting the polls or requesting your ballot.