Update: The Seattle City Council approved the $50,000 budget allocation for accessibility improvements to The AMP, so stay tuned for updates on how that funding is utilized! Thank you so much to all supporters of The AIDS Memorial Pathway for your advocacy.

Supporters of The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway are urging the City of Seattle to include $50,000 in the 2023 budget for accessibility improvements to the signage for The AMP artworks and wayfinding.

Studio Pacifica conducted an assessment of the site and provided specific recommendations to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. Installing improved signage is crucial for providing access to this collection of artworks at the heart of Capitol Hill. Everybody deserves access to public artworks, which is why the City should ensure that these improvements are possible.

Currently, Councilmembers Nelson (primary sponsor), Sawant, Pederson, and Andrews support the proposal but we need at least 5 votes from the council.

How you can help: (2023 update: the funding has been approved; information included for archival purposes only) Please submit a statement to urge Councilmembers Morales, Herbold, Mosqueda, Juarez, and Strauss to support the funding, or reaffirm your support for this funding allocation. Written comments are accepted at any time, but we encourage you to speak at an upcoming budget committee meeting or public hearing on the budget.

Submit a written comment by emailing [email protected] or the Councilmember for your district: https://www.seattle.gov/council/meet-the-council

See dates and times for upcoming budget hearings and meetings here: https://www.seattle.gov/council/issues/demystifying-the-budget-process

Here are two versions of a statement you can use. Please feel free to put them in your own words or add additional reasoning to make them more compelling:
“I support including $50,000 in the City budget to fund improvements to the signage at The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway because everybody deserves access to and information about public artworks.”
“I support including $50,000 in the City budget to fund accessibility improvements to the signage at The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway because everybody deserves access to and information about public artworks. The proposed signage, in addition to existing accessibility features such as the AMP app, will go a long way towards ensuring that The AMP is a model for accessible public artwork and is a welcoming space for Blind and DeafBlind persons, people using mobility aids, those with disabilities, and the general public. Without these accessibility improvements, this space meant for remembrance, reflection, and storytelling about the ongoing HIV/AIDS epidemic would exclude many of those that the memorial is about or meant for. Thank you for your support for this allocation of funds.”

Thank you for your support! If you would like to stay updated on this initiative, sign up for Seattle LGBTQ+ Center’s newsletter and be sure to check “The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway” or “Actions & Policy”: https://gaycity56341.activehosted.com/f/6 or gaycity.org/Subscribe.

Infographic showing ways to participate in the Seattle City Council Budget process, including attending budget committee meetings and public hearings or in written comments.