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For more than 20 years, Gay City has curated a database of organizations that offer LGBTQ-affirming services and resources with input from our community.

Resource Database User Tips

How To Use The Filter Function

The filter function allows you to narrow down resources by applying specific criteria for the resources you are looking for.

To use this feature:

1. Select “Filter” in the upper lefthand corner of the Airtable.
2. Select “Add filter”.
3. Select a filter criterion under the first dropdown menu.
4. Select a filter operator in the next field.
5. Enter or select a keyword to search under those parameters.
Feel free to add as many filters as desired to refine the results even further.

For example, to return a list of basic needs support resources offering either suicide prevention or mental health services:
1. Select “Filter” in the upper lefthand corner of the Airtable.
2. Select “Add filter”.
3. Select “Basic Needs Support” as the filter criterion.
4. Select “Has any of” as the filter operator. 
5. Select “Suicide Prevention” and “Mental Health Services” (under “select an option”).

How To Sort Resources

The “sort” field allows you to sort different sections of resources alphabetically, from A to Z (first to last) or Z ot A (last to first).

For example, selecting “BIPOC LGBTQ+ Affirming Services” from Z to A will display a list of BIPOC LGBTQ+ Affirming Services from Z to A.

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