Queer Winter Market event flyer with northern lights imagery

Queer Winter Market 2023

New year, new queer (soon!)

It’s time to cozy up and hibernate, but we’re always here and always queer!

Join us for a Queer Winter Market that centers and uplifts QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) vendors with art, clothing, and more!

We do not charge vendor fees to make sure this opportunity is accessible, so any donations are greatly appreciated!

The vendor application has closed. Please visit gaycity.org/Subscribe to sign up for updates about all of our events, programs, and more!

Date: Sunday, December 17th

Time: 12 PM-5 PM

Location: Seattle’s LGBTQ+ Center

400 E Pine St #100 Seattle

About the Vendors

🌲 @spookybokchoy : Sally Hoy is an American born Chinese multimedia disciplinary artist who is based in Seattle, Washington. Growing up as an American citizen born Chinese, the way she connected with the estranged culture was through the food associated with it. She strongly believes in food being a gateway to culture as it educates and nurtures people through shared experiences. Her work is both expressive in culture and experimental with style which she hopes encourages people to think outside the box, as well as venture from their comfort zone, promoting the power of creativity.

🌴 @wingyeescreams : I am a screen printer and plush artist that focuses on creating weird and vibrant creatures. My goal is to create funky little guys that people can identify with and find some joy in even during times of increasing existential dread

🍀 @handmadebyallymabardy : In the summer of 2022 Ally quit her full-time job in education and dove head first into her dream of pursuing art. That summer she relocated from Massachusetts to Seattle to continue making pottery in Capitol hill. Ally’s creative process is founded on sustainability, with a goal minimizing plastic and water consumption. Her work is inspired by nature, organic shapes, and fun colors.

🌿 @mateoacunawriter : Mateo Acuña (he/him) is a Peruvian-American gay, transgender artist, painter, and designer. He will be selling paintings, charms, jewelry, and make-your-own fake flower bouquets that put life and color in the dark winter season. Vases and fillers can be bought as well. He also has a large supply of bendable fake rose vines for room decor in both light and dark pink.

🌱 @hippiemermaids_ : Hippie Mermaids is a black owned and queer owned soy candle brand that promotes self empowerment, self care and self love through our colorful, funky and fun candles and wax melts!

🍄 @plsleavethelightson : Hi / my name is Zoë and I am a local Seattle artist. Being non-binary, I often look to others for guidance on how to look more androgynous and found that I display my want to be neutral in the people that I draw which makes each character a bit more special ;0 I hope that my arts playfulness inspires others and welcomes it’s viewers with open arms <3

🍂 Hyde Angelus : Hyde Angelus is an illustrator inspired by Sephardi and Balkan culture who focuses on the queer body, beauty, and relationships. Hyde seeks to tie these elements together with ornate detail and a lexicon of personal symbolism.

🌾 @pleasezine : Founded in 2020 by a chubby, neurospicy, queer Chicanx grrrl confronting intimacy in 21st century settler-capitalism under quarantine; Please Zine is part erotic art and research project, part demonstration of free speech, part humorous lifestyle magazine. At the core is pleasure activism; advocating expression of and access to relational expansiveness, informed by harm reduction and quantum theory. All ages and 18+ content

🐿 @smellmyleather : Smell My Leather is a handmade and custom leather goods company by Noah Sanemitsu (They/Them). They are a non-binary trans mixed Japanese American artist who is passionate about serving their communities through their work. That’s why they create leather collars, harnesses, accessories and other leather pieces for all genders and all bodies. They aim to make quality custom leather friendly accessible to everyone.\

🦔 @qt.pop & @joytraversing : My partner and I are artists, writers, and crafters, connecting to the things that bring us joy through our art. Our identities inform our politics which has us imagining and practicing new worlds. We focus on comfort and care as we explore growth and transformation.

🌞 @peachyxnoodle : Hello! I’m Marie, an Illustrator from Japan creating cute things to brighten up your day! All of my products are original designs created by me, I love to create happiness and smiles through my work!⁠

🌙 @dafttine : I’m an aspiring artist (umbrella term, I think many of y’all understand the need to do every art medium under the sun) and living in Seattle has finally pushed me to get out of my shell. I grew up reading a lot of shoujo and never understood why I was so attached to Ranma 1/2 and Cardcaptor until I realized I’m gender-fluid and LGBTQIA+. My main inspiration is to give more normalcy to expression of gender/romance/sexuality and to also bringing joy; I think the world needs more of it LOL.⁠

💫 @thosegirlspress – We are two sapphic wives who create comics, stickers, pins, and prints with an emphasis in the queer experience. We make work we wish we had when we were coming up queer. ⁠

🪐 @navidermy : I’m Nav, a trans artist who puts silly things onto clothes and occasionally creates furby related works. Upcycling and using found materials is a big part of what makes me do what i do!⁠

🌎 @sevenishmagpies : Sevenish Magpies is a small art and craft business owned by an Eastside trans woman of color. She makes cozy shiny gay things that she wants to see in the world!⁠

☄️ @emoosworld : hi im way, im a 2nd gen. viet and canto settler. aspiring tattoo artist but i love lots of mediums, just using art as a way to create space and intention 🙂 interested in queer asian anti-imperialist identity, resistance, and healing⁠

❄️ @ancestralrootscbe : I am a Birthworker and a maker of organic and natural bodycare. I thoughtfully choose packaging that is re-usable, recyclable, compostable. I create self care moments that can be luxurious, sustainable, and healthful for ourselves and the earth. ⁠

⛄️ @thenightjarsmouth : The Nightjar’s Mouth is Cole & Julian, two queer besties who like making weird & sometimes useful things; our wares take cues from our identities & special interests, from 8 bit identity-affirming accessories, to zodiac pins, to calming jewelry for anxious queers, and whatever tickles our brains.⁠

💧 @sam.doodles : I am a queer & transmasc, first gen Corean immigrant and artist creating art as a way to build spaces for deeper connection in my unfurling as a diasporic trans human with fellow trans humans and to feel more Alive in this body in a world that constantly tries to keep us numb. ⁠

☔️ @annielychee : Hello! I’m Annie— a queer artist who loves creating cute drawings & ceramics. My art is inspired by slice-of-life media, and I hope to bring joy by sharing the ordinary yet endearing parts of life!⁠

⛈ @floorpepper : I’m Angel (aka floorpepper) and I make silly crafts. My goal is to make jewelry and clothing that bridges soft and hardcore, as a love letter to the queer culture and community I steep myself in. I’m also inspired by classical art, horror, and rodents.⁠