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Life, Law and Love with HIV AIDS

We, as individuals living with HIV, are never a singular issue. Oftentimes we are living at the intersections of life, law and love with HIV/AIDS.

Join us for a community conversation made possible by the US PLHIV Caucus and cultivated by and for PLHIV and our alliances. Additional support by Center for MultiCultural Health and Through Positive Eyes.

We will cover a cross-section of topics such as Decriminalization, Stigma, Immigration and of course our lives in the age of U=U as we strengthen our relationships in the communities in which we live and love.

A recent health impact review of SHB 1551 (Modernizing the Control of Certain Communicable Diseases) in Washington State indicates that the bill would likely decrease penalties and collateral consequences, decrease prosecution and involvement in the criminal justice system, decrease stigma, which could lead to improved health outcomes and decreased inequities for individuals living with HIV.

Through Positive Eyes Performances:
Edward Casto
Kia Gamble
Kelly Gluckman

Manuel Venegas
Andrew Ashiofu
Deaunte Damper
Teresia Otieno

Moderated by: Tony Radovich

Organized by U.S. People Living with HIV Caucus, Center for MultiCultural Health, and Through Positive Eyes