LGBTQ+ Art of Love Summit

LGBTQ+ Art of Love Live Summit

We are bringing the LGBTQ+ community together through self-love & intimate confidence, to uplift us in a new way of living. We welcome the misfits and outcasts, the ones who were put down and rejected, those who don’t fit in, the lonely, and the wonderful. You have a HOME community with us.

You are Lovable and Worthy just as you are! <3

This will be an amazing opportunity to gain insights from people who know what it takes to affirm your identity and support you through the challenges we face as a community. With things like the “Don’t say gay” law in Florida, banning Trans students from sports, and other anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in other states, let’s unite in a common cause, “YOU!”

For less than the price of a nice meal out for 2, you can join us for 3 days of community, connection and celebration for just $47.

Make your dream a reality – immerse yourself in unpacking intimacy with a commitment to diversity and sensitive cultural encouragement.

We hear you, we see you, we relate to you! Our three-day lineup of speakers will bring their authenticity, expertise, and systems that will help you on your journey in achieving the purpose that you bring! This is going to be an event that you don’t want to miss! That is why we’re bringing a compassionate stage to you with speakers that are LGBTQ+ and allies.

We are here to serve, to listen, and help you create a seat at the table for you, your loved ones, & your sense of greater belonging…one act of love at a time.

Let’s start here, together we can see what’s possible in love & relationships for LGBTQ+ people & our allies.

Loving everything inside of you,  everything outside of you, & all that is the whole that you already are.

Our speakers include:

Artemis’s Topic:  “Living in Sensual flow * Wild Divine Awakenings”

 (Kundalini Tantra Yoga) Indulge yourself in this juicy (morning),  self love practice, to cleanse, uplift and bring into balance your divine masculine and feminine energies.

Elowan & Phenix’s Topic:  “Break to Remake – Healing Attachment Wounding Through Relationships”

How Attachment Styles affect relationships, what not to do, and action steps to heal and support healthy relationships.

Samson’s Topic:  “OmniAmory

Loving Everything in Direct Relationship

Anya’s Topic:  How to Have Difficult Conversations Without Drama

 Why you need to be having 2 conversations, instead of 1, and how to get ready for them so they go as well as possible.

Avi’s Topic:  “Open Hearted Courage”

It takes immense courage to create the life of our dreams — uncomfortable conversations, difficult decisions, trust in the universe.  Don’t allow the challenges to shut down your heart or dilute your dreams.

Learn how to live with open-hearted courage!

We invite you to join us, June 24-26 to come into greater community and get your ticket today at

Hourly Schedule

Fri, Sat, Sunday

10am - 6pm
The main event goes from 10am-6pm PST


Jun 24 - 26 2022


10:00 am - 6:00 pm


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