CareTeams, a Program of Samaritan Center of Puget Sound

2019 Honorees

CareTeams, a program of Samaritan Center, provides social, emotional and practical support to individuals in the community living with HIV/AIDS. CareTeams are groups of volunteers from faith communities and the King County community at large who establish meaningful relationships with those disenfranchised and facing stigma. Formerly a program at Multifaith Works/Rosehedge, CareTeams was adopted by Samaritan Center of Puget Sound in 2013. Samaritan offers counseling, education, training and mediation in a spiritual context with the mission to restore hope and reconcile relationships.

Multifaith Works/Rosehedge was a pioneer in the community at the onset of the AIDS epidemic,
providing emotional and practical support, then later transitional housing, and served the community for 25 years until closing in 2013.

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