Celebrating 25 Queer Years: Gay City, Northwest Film Forum, and Three Dollar Bill Cinema Partner Throughout 2020

Seattle, WA – FEBRUARY 24, 2020 – In 2020, peer institutions Gay City: Seattle’s LGBTQ Center, Northwest Film Forum and Three Dollar Bill Cinema will celebrate 25 years of existence and collaboration with a series of touchpoint events — including performances, workshops, and festivals, such as TDBC’s Seattle Queer Film Festival (formerly SLGFF, TWIST), and Translations: Seattle’s Transgender Film Festival.

“After 25 years, TDBC, NWFF, and Gay City have more relevance and purpose than ever,” says Kathleen Mullen, Interim Executive Director at Three Dollar Bill Cinema. “All LGBTQ stories must have a visible and vibrant platform for expression. Through storytelling, we are able to show the complexity and diversity of our multifaceted lives and combat our rights being taken away during changing political times.”

By drawing upon their shared heritage and commitment to Capitol Hill—Seattle’s historically queer neighborhood—these three community strongholds will elevate diverse media arts programs as a means of raising awareness about LGBTQ issues and supporting local queer and trans creators.

“We join our partners in celebrating our silver anniversary,” adds Fred Swanson, Executive Director of Gay City. “For 25 years, Gay City has built resilience and joy in the LGBTQ communities. Our arts programs galvanize an audience to support queer arts and creates space for the diverse expressions of queerness—especially from Queer and Trans Artists of Color—that exist within our community.”

“By empowering one another and honoring our long-standing legacies, we can continue to stabilize safe spaces within Capitol Hill as we enter the new decade,” explains Vivian Hua, Executive Director at Northwest Film Forum. “The collective potential among our three organizations to generate new opportunities around queer education and exhibition has begun to play an increasingly pivotal role in shifting uninformed mainstream narratives.”

The Seattle Lesbian