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Word Play 4: Spoken Word Poetry Festival

Saturday, May 9

Gay City Arts and Town Hall present the fourth annual Word Play festival, a one-day spoken word festival including workshops, an artists' reception, and performances from queer poets from different recovery backgrounds, who will take the mic to speak truth about bottoming out. Word Play is a collaborative effort to explore recovery from a queer perspective.

The workshop leaders will share their expertise and encourage participants to explore their own recovery experiences through spoken word. The festival will culminate in a performance local artists, followed by an artists' reception. Registration is requested to attend the performance and artists' reception.

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This is a sober program; there will be no alcohol sales in the cafe for this event. Presented by Gay City Arts and Town Hall. Word Play is made possible by the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.


Interrupting Self-Sabotage
Saturday, June 7 / 10am-12pm
Taught by Tara Hardy

Repairing one’s relationship to creativity can be a powerful part of recovery. Whether or not you consider yourself a writer, this workshop will set you on a path towards supporting your recovery with the written word. We’ll explore self-sabotage, discover its origins and begin to create strategies for getting out of your own way.

Scare Tactics
Saturday, June 7 / 1-3pm
Taught by Cole Peake

Fear can be a writers greatest obstacle. We fear confronting our pain, recalling shame, and exposing our vulnerabilities, all of which prevent us from producing our best work--or producing work at all. In this workshop we will discuss the things that scare us and work on ways to sneak up on our fears, confront them, and ultimately channel the energy fear creates into the production of poetry that crackles, screams and jumps on the page.


That SeattleGuy grew up in a birdhouse - at least that's what his preschool bus driver said. At first climbing trees, he then graduated to rocks. He also loves writing sappy, dark, or sarcastically biting poetry on occasion.

Sparkle is a male-bodied, femme-identifed, genderqueer poet, faerie, nun and queer health advocate based in Seattle.

Cole Arden Peake is a poet, transman & Texan who spends his time thinking queer thoughts, penning coffee stained poems in rain soaked journals and pulling oppression up by the roots, just like his Granddad taught him.

Jessica Miriam Littenberg is an activist and writer hailing from the heart of the suburbs. She's spend half her life in Seattle, her longtime lover, working shit jobs between stints in the kitchens and gardens of her friends.

Dorothy Frances Kent has long suspected she is a robot designed by a mad scientist with a deviant sense of humor. When she finds her creator, they will share grapefruits and pumpernickel bagels. Until then, she is writing everything down.

Pamela Winter is a native Seattleite who loves playing in the woods, writing poetry and eating really good food. She is also a food activist. Pamela hates loud noises but loves her cat, “Oh-So Adorable,” or “Oh-So” for short.

Tara Hardy is the working class, queer femme poet who founded Bent, a writing institute for LGBTQ people in Seattle. She is a former Richard Hugo House writer in residence, and the author of Bring Down the Chandeliers, by Write Bloody press.

For more info, please contact Emily Stanfield: 206-388-1710 /