Gay City Arts Ticketing

About Ticket Prices:

General Admission | $15.00

Students, Seniors & People with Disabilities | $12.00

*Sponsor Tickets | $20.00

Gay City relies on the generosity of our patrons and supporters to help bring about programs like Gay City Arts. Spending a little more on your ticket will help keep our program running and our ticket prices low.

**Radical Hospitality Tickets | Free

Provided as a homage to a concept first pioneered by Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis, Radical Hospitality tickets are meant to “erase economic barriers in pursuit of building a truly inclusive” audience. A limited number of Radical Hospitality tickets are available for each Gay City Arts performance.

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Upcoming Shows

A Certain Type of Brilliance

A Certain Type of Brilliance

A Femme Showcase Directed by Liz Cruz Femmes possess an alchemy that can’t be quantified, but which draws us together and enables us to be bold, ingenious, and capable of a magic that fortifies our own hearts and the soul of the community around us. A Certain Type of...

Get Mad!

Get Mad!

Crazy Queer Existence As Resistance Madness is a complicated, ever-shifting identity, at times coercively assigned to those of us whose minds and ways of being defy the norms, and at other times proudly (re)claimed for ourselves. Madness can come as a breaking point...

Femmes of Vulgarity

Femmes of Vulgarity

An Erotic Revue Black and brown, trans and queer femme artists face a uniquely extreme version of the virgin and slut societal paradox. Vulgar-noun: kitschy, coarse, gaudy, making explicit reference to sex or bodily functions, racy, flamboyant. Come be immersed in the...

Gay City Arts

You’ll be challenged. You’ll hear untold and often overlooked queer voices and stories. You’ll find yourselves front and center among queer art you might not be able to see anywhere else.

You’ll be lucky to see these performances, and we’d be lucky to have you attend. Get your tickets before they sell out!