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For many of us that grew up queer, there were times when we felt like we didn’t fit in with our peers. We didn’t feel part of the “team.” Often adding to that isolation were the problems of having an awkward teenage body, or not conforming to an expected gender role, and many of us were literally not part of the team – the sports team.

Plenty of adult LGBT folks have tales of being the guy who was the last picked for the team, the young lesbian who excelled at athletics but was a bit too much of a tomboy for other people’s comfort, or the transgender teen who dealt with the horrors of the high school locker room.

Fortunately, as queer people we are also a resilient bunch, so as adults we have created opportunities to reclaim the missed sports and fitness activities of our youth. Locally we are have a vibrant LGBT sports community – and now Gay City adds to the mix with Team Gay City and the Seattle SNAP.

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