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A Queer Writing Workshop Series

An offshoot of Gay City Arts' Writing Through Change workshop, Gay City is hosting a queer writing workshop series titled Smudgy Notebook. Each session will have a unique focus or topic.

Smudgy Notebook: Writing Our Lives, Writing Ourselves

Mondays Mar 30 - May18 / 7pm - 9pm
$80 (Scholarships available)
RSVP required

Writing Our Lives, Writing Ourselves is a class for transgender writers and writers interested in learning more about the complexities of transgender literature and experiences. With reading materials featuring the work of transgender authors this 8-week course will focus on recognizing and raising the voices of local and global transgender writers. We'll work through writing exercises, reading assignments, and workshops that explore the transformative power of poetry, memoir, critical essay, fiction, and creative non fiction. There will be a strong focus on writing from our own experiences of grappling with ourselves, the world, and rules imposed on us. Writers of all disciplines are most cordially welcome.

Please RSVP to Emily Stanfield:


Wryly T. McCutchen is a genderqueer poet, blogger, and all around trouble maker born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Wryly is often unsure of Wryly's preferred gender pronouns and probably wants to ride bikes with you instead of choosing. They love bikes and anything else with simple exposed mechanics. In 2013 Wryly was a finalist in Write Bloody's publishing competition and has had their poetry and nonfiction appear in Wilde Magazine, Alive With Vigor, and Raven Chronicles. Wryly currently runs a personal/political blog called Meet Me in the Margins and is an MFA candidate at Antioch University.