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In 1980 a group of gay guys in Seattle got together each week to play softball in the University District of Seattle. It wasn’t long before they realized that they were a pretty good team. Since they didn’t have a lot of other gay teams in Seattle to play against, they started playing ‘scrimmage’ games against a team in Vancouver, B.C. They also started playing in the Seattle Metro Leagues. They called their group the "Seattle Gay Softball League".

Within two years, the league was at 4 teams and had joined North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA), and eventually changed its official moniker from the Seattle Gay Softball League to the Emerald City Softball Association (ESCA).

Since those meager beginnings on a playfield in the University District, the league has grown to more that 50 teams and created a community where ALL people are welcome in the spirit of softball and friendship.

Bring on the Seattle SNAP

Six years ago, the Seattle SNAP (Sober Now And Proud) became the first team in the history of the ECSA that was specifically designed for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Many social outlets in the gay community have traditionally revolved around bars and nightclubs. But these days we know there is plenty out there for people to do besides the bars – Seattle SNAP is an example of that. The team is a supportive social outlet for LGBT people in recovery, for both SNAP players and SNAP fans!

Many teams approach local bars to support their efforts. As people living in recovery, the SNAP incorporates their ideals into our sponsorships by choosing other businesses and organizations that support the LGBT community! Gay City Health Project was one of the original sponsors of the Seattle SNAP, and continues as a sponsor for the 2016 Season.

More Info

To learn more about the Seattle SNAP, visit their ECSA page here.