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Crystal Meth Anonymous
Crystal Meth Anonymous is a 12 step fellowship for those in recovery from addiction to crystal meth. There are no dues or fees for membership. Membership in crystal meth anonymous is open to anyone with a desire to stop using crystal meth.
Seattle Meeting Info:

Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church
1729 Harvard Avenue 
Seattle, WA 98122
Meeting days and times:
Monday  6:30pm
Thursday  6:30pm
Saturday 10:30am
Sunday 6:30pm

Crystal Meth Anonymous Meeting Directory
Find a meeting in a location nearest to you.

Project NEON
Project NEON (Needle and Sex Education Outreach Network) is an HIV-prevention program for gay, bi and trans men affected by crystal methamphetamine. The program is geared towards men who are actively using as well as those in recovery. 

Peer educators are current and/or former crystal users trained to provide education about safer sex and safer use practices to other guys who use crystal in their communities.Through their existing drug networks, peer educators:

  • Conduct safer sex and safer use education
  • Conduct one-for-one needle exchange
  • Distribute condoms, lube, educational brochures, clean injection equipment and dental kits
  • Provide referrals for social services, health care, HIV/STD testing, and drug treatment/counseling

Strength Over Speed

Ongoing, peer-led Crystal Meth recovery group. If you would like more information, please call Seattle Area Support Groups at 206-322-2437.

A great web site and media campaign for crystal meth users on how to use safely, safe sex while using, and quitting.