Queer the Census 2020

LGBTQ+ communities have been ignored traditionally in the U.S. Census, decreasing the funding and representation of queer communities. To increase LGBTQ+ representation, Gay City joins some of Seattle’s other leading LGBTQ+ organizations to raise awareness about civic representation, and access to funding the needs of our communities.

Join us in the fight for LGBTQ+ access, safety and visibility.

Visit queerthecensuswa.org.

Deadline: October 31, 2020

Here is an updated schedule of operations for the US Census:

Operation New Schedule
Self-Response Period March 12 – Oct. 31
Group Quarters
(paper and e-Response)
April 2 – Sept. 3
Field Operations Begin June 1
Update Leave June 13 – July 9
Group Quarters
(in-person enumeration)
July 1 – Sept. 3
Non-Response Follow-Up Aug. 11 – Oct. 31
Transitory Locations Sept. 3-28
Counting the Homeless TBC
Mobile Questionnaire Assistance TBC