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Resources for LGBT families and parents, or those interested in expanding their families.

Amara is a nonprofit organization devoted to creating a better path for kids in foster care. We work with families who are willing and able to nurture and support the kids in their care for as long as they need it – for a month, a year, or forever. Amara supports foster and adoptive parents every step of the way so that each kid in foster care has the family they deserve. We welcome families into our program regardless of marital status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, home ownership, income, or education.

Camp Ten Trees
(206) 288-9568
A nonprofit organization offering residential summer camp sessions in the Pacific Northwest, featuring one week for LGBTQA youth (ages 13-17) and one week for children/youth (ages 8-17) of LGBTQ or non-traditional families.

COLAGE- Seattle Chapter
COLAGE Seattle welcomes all youth with an LGBTQ parent to connect with a supportive and inclusive community of peers. Group meetings are warm and welcoming, with an emphasis on embracing differences as strengths, and developing confidence in our identities. In addition to monthly meetings, COLAGE will provide a space for youth to participate in fun events such as potlucks, volunteer activities, and themed-parties.

Families Like Ours
Families Like Ours is a nonprofit family adoption exchange that provides a gateway to adoption-foster programs, resources, education, advocacy, and placement agencies that work with all families without judgment of their family structure.

Gay Fathers Association of Seattle
The Gay Fathers Association of Seattle (GFAS) was formed in order to provide a safe forum and environment for gay or bisexual fathers. In a supportive group setting, they meet to assist each other in working out issues such as parenting, coming out, relationships with wives, children, families, friends and partners.

Gender Diversity
Gender Diversity's mission is to increase understanding and awareness of gender identity in all people. They organize Gender Odyssey and Gender Odyssey Family conferences for transgendered and gender non-conforming adults, children, and their families. They also organize Camp Ten Trees.

(206) 325-7724
PFLAG provides opportunity for dialogue about sexual orientation, and acts to create a society that is healthy and respectful of human diversity. Keeping families together is the mission of PFLAG.

Rainbow Families of Puget Sound
The mission of Rainbow Families of Puget Sound is to help GLBT families in the Puget Sound region to form strong community ties and spend time with other families like their own. Rainbow Families now has a Yahoo! message board that can be found here for their latest news and updates.