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The Get It Right Study

For our next community meeting, we will be discussing a newly proposed study to research the interactions of standardized Estradiol Therapy and HIV therapy in transgender women.

We hope that this study will help develop evidence-based guidelines for providers to follow when treating TW with HIV who are on Feminizing Hormone Therapy (FHT) and Antiretroviral Therapy (ART).


Our meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 27 at 5:30pm via Zoom.

Please register in advance for this meeting: https://bit.ly/36qbOo3. After registering, you’ll receive info about joining the meeting.

You can also follow our Facebook event page here: https://fb.me/e/3AOrDp6GU


Transgender women (TW) are the fastest-growing population of people with HIV (PWH). Historically, TW have had few opportunities to participate in research, and often experiences barriers to engaging in care.

More research is needed to develop evidence-based clinical guidance when it comes to choosing ART regimens in TW on Feminizing Hormone Therapy (FHT). Patient concerns about ART interacting with FHT and decreasing it effectiveness can lead to decreased ART adherence, and increased viral loads.

More data is needed to determine the best dosing for FHT in people on ART. Data suggest access to gender-affirming therapy improves adherence to HIV treatment and decreases treatment interruptions. The CDC describes that access to gender affirming care is critical to improving HIV outcomes among TW.

17-b estradiol is the preferred agent for FHT. Because the optimal dose of FHT isn’t achieved until 1-2 years after beginning therapy, short-term studies cannot adequately determine safe and effective dosing when given in combination with ART. Dosing begins at 1‑2 mg daily but can approach 8-10 mg daily or more.

The primary objective of this study is to determine the best combination of antiretroviral therapy for transgender women living with HIV who take feminization hormonal therapy.

The study will determine if TW continue to have therapeutic levels of their ART in their blood while receiving FHT for 48 weeks. Additionally, it will assess if estradiol blood levels change based on whether the patient is on a boosted or unboosted ART regimen.

Again, we hope that this study will help develop evidence-based guidelines for providers to follow when treating TW with HIV who are on FHT and ART.


Jul 27 2021


5:30 pm
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