“When Gay City selected Marching in Gucci Memoirs of a Well-Dressed Black AIDS Activist a Multimedia Solo Performance for its arts production season, it was still an idea. Their unique queer organizational, emotional and artistic support was necessary and invaluable as I began to craft my most significant, complex and terrifying body of work to date.

“Additionally, the body of work I created partnering with Gay City Arts served as Proof of Concept when seeking funding from other arts organizations to continue working on it. Funds, which allowed me to completely rewrite the performance, doubling its length. Becoming the first theatrical performance exploring the AIDS Crisis from the lens of a Gay Black AIDS Activist.

“By celebrating, centering, nurturing, preserving and presenting Black and Diaspora LGBTQ stories and storytellers, Gay City interrupts and challenges the prevailing AIDS is a ‘gay white man’s disease’ narrative.”

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