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Art is the voice, spirit and conscience of every community and is a vital tool for community reflection, dialogue and pride. Through Gay City Arts, Gay City collaborates with local LGBTQ artists to galvanize an audience for queer arts, foster the development of LGBTQ artists, and facilitate artistic excellence that is accessible, including the promotion of new works. Gay City Arts is committed to presenting challenging, dynamic and excellent queer art across a wide range of disciplines, including theater, music, dance, film, spoken word, literary and visual arts.

Gay City Arts Season 3: Revolution [Insert Description]

Past Shows: Season 3

Gay City Arts presents ...and god woke up

Sept 12

"...and god woke up," is a physical and ceremonial journey of a trans person of color’s dislocation and relocation of spirit. As a student and practitioner of many dance forms, ancestral worship and survivorship as a transperson, Rafael/a weaves together many tongues to retell his unfinished battle of birth, suicide, rebirth, and freedom. From capoeira to rope suspension, he explores the perceived and real limits of his divine body, marking a sunset ceremony of over 4 hours of movement, fatigue, rest and persistence.

Gay City Arts presents How to Love THIS Queer Body of Color: An Unapology

Oct 22-25 & Oct 29-Nov 1

In this spoken word series of performances, poets tell the story of their body as a Queer of Color, dissecting not only their bodies in relationship to love, but self-love and the relationship to the color of their skin. This series will go in the cycle of a relationship (i.e. attraction, dating, open relationships, monogamy/marriage, therapy, arguments, breaking up/divorce) but in reverse. These themes are not only calling for a story about a relationship between people but the story about relationship to oneself.

Gay City Arts presents Out To Dance: Dance Double Feature

Nov 12-Nov 22

TwoFold Pulp is a deeply personal solo work choreographed and performed by Ariana Bird that has continually been building layers over the past two years. At its core, this work has been developed through a collection of free writes, drawings, and journal entries that are derived from her experiences as a queer woman who was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

In the "post-internet" generation, a nihilistic young man sets out on quest to fall in love. Nathan Blackwell's Kiss the Boys, Make them Cry: Iteration 2 (cryinboyzclub) is a performative documentation of that journey; including and not limited to one night stands, broken hearts, internet stalking and drunk texting.

Gay City Arts presents Mom-o-logues

Dec 10-13 & Dec 17-20

Did your mom tuck you in at night? Whisper "I love you” into your ear? Bake cookies for your birthday? Call to see how you are? That’s great! But those are not our stories. Our stories are song, dance, spoken word, burlesque, comedy and digital media about how still love yourself, even when you have nontraditional and fucked-up families. It can be radical, revolutionary and takes a lot of damn work.

Gay City Arts presents Queerz: We're Hillarious

Jan 14-17 & Jan 21-24

QUEERZ, in collaboration with DEEP LEZ and Not Too Late with Elicia Sanchez, is a showcase of some of our most fashionable and funny local queer comics. If you're bored by heteronormativity or even just long words like that-you'll be refreshed by our collective goofiness, wit and general charisma.

Gay City Arts presents 2155: An Exploration Of Afrofuturism In Performance Art

Feb 11-13 & Feb 18-20

Gay City Arts presents 2155: An Exploration of Afrofuturism. 2155 will explore Art through Afrofuturism. Burlesque, literary arts, and music will amalgamate into one sci-fi dream of a production. You can expect to see performers such as: Boom Boom L'Roux, Lulu Carpenter, The Lady B, Natasha Marin, Dani Tirrell, Invincible Body, and many, many more.

Gay City Arts presents Marching in Gucci: Memoirs of a Well-Dressed AIDS Activist

Mar 10-13 & Mar 17-20

Gay City Arts presents Marching in Gucci: Memoirs of a Well-Dressed AIDS Activist, a multimedia solo performance by Chad Goller-Sojourner that chronicles his coming-of-age as a black gay AIDS activist in the nineties in New York City. At times funny, biting and somber, Marching in Gucci explores the creator’s paradoxical relationship between fighting to save lives of the unknown while simultaneously engaging in multiple self-harming behaviors.

Gay City Arts presents If These Lips Could Talk

Apr 14-17 & Apr 21-24

Home is where the heart is, the liver can sleep outside. Princess Charming, and her quirky accompanist, perform, proselytize, and guide the audience through the meandering realm of love and loss with their live musical stylings. Comedy and tragedy are blurred as this dynamic duo interpret classic songs tangled amongst the stories of Princess's life. On songbird's wings, we glide through the storied history of a grand chanteuse.

Gay City Arts presents The Enchanted Life and Temporary Death of Sadie December

May 5-8 & May 19-22

Gay City Arts presents a one-woman, multi-media play by Dorothy Frances Kent. Part autobiography, part magical realism, it chronicles Sadie’s spiritual childhood in the pacific northwest, the harsh realities of having to live as a boy, and finally, rediscovering herself through art, community and the natural world.

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