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Welcome to Gay City, an organization where our staff and volunteers, our programs and services, and our drive and spirit reflect the resilience and power of Seattle’s many LGBTQ communities. Gay City's Wellness Center, our LGBTQ Resource & Referral Program, our Gay City Volunteer Crew, and Gay City Arts all provide multiple ways for our community to gather, connect, find voice and serve. Gay City is an organization that listens and responds, and that continues to evolve. We are a destination for the LGBTQ community to grow and thrive. Gay City is Seattle’s LGBTQ Center.


The Lush Us: Gay City Arts Showcase was the highlight of our most successful Gay City Arts season yet. Gay City Arts Season Three: Queer Revolution packed in audiences for 65 shows featuring music, comedy, spoken word, dance, and theatre from performers who represented the broad spectrum of Seattle’s LGBTQ communities. With a grant from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, we established the Mosaic program, featuring quarterly programming in support of artists and performers from Seattle’s trans and genderqueer communities, LGBTQ communities of color, and LGBTQ people over 40. This May, we partnered with Three Dollar Bill Cinema and Gender Justice League to introduce Trans Arts Month, a month long series of films, performances, and events celebrating the beauty and diversity of work by our community’s trans artists.


Testing for HIV and sexually transmitted infections remains one our most important core services, providing an opportunity for our community’s most marginalized groups to gain access to much needed HIV prevention resources. Of the nearly 4,000 free HIV tests we provided last year, the most in our 12 years of testing, half were for people under thirty, a quarter were for people who are uninsured, two-thirds were for people who are economically disadvantaged and half were for people of color. But that’s only half the story, according to Colleen, one of our Wellness Center volunteers. “At Gay City I’ve seen gay men show up for trans folks through the Arts program,” Colleen says. “I’ve seen queer women show up for gay men at the Wellness Center. Once connected to Gay City, you have a community that is really impossible to find in Seattle.”


Gay City relies on our many, wonderful volunteers, without whom our programs, services, and events wouldn’t be possible. But our volunteers also rely on us for a place to connect to the LGBTQ community. Lamar, a long-time member of Gay City’s Volunteer Crew, is grateful for the experiences he’s had at Gay City, especially as a queer person of color. He’s also sober, and recognizes that Gay City’s programming, and the friendships he’s made here, have been a key method of support throughout his sobriety. “Volunteering at Gay City makes me feel good and gives me a sense of pride,” he says. “Gay City provides positive, meaningful outlets. Everyone is welcoming. I fit in here.” Our Volunteer Program provides opportunities for hundreds of people like Lamar each year.

Celebrating 20 Years As A Leader In The LGBTQ Community

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Gay City Health Project
517 E Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98122

ph: 206-860-6969
fax: 206-860-0195
email: info@gaycity.org

Staff Contact Info

Ebo Barton Youth Program Manager 206-388-1704 / ebo@gaycity.org
Emmett Stanfield Community Organizer 206-388-1710 / emmett@gaycity.org
Fred Swanson Executive Director 206-388-1702 / fred@gaycity.org
Garfield Hillson Volunteer and HR Manager 206-486-1411 / garfield@gaycity.org
Hing Wah Howard Kwong HIV/STI Tester & Bathhouse Testing Coordinator 206-322-6793 / howard@gaycity.org
Javion Smith Data Coordinator 206-486-1412 / javion@gaycity.org
Jordan GreenHIV/STI Tester & Communications Designer 206-388-1703 / jordan@gaycity.org
Kathy Ulrich Development Director 206-388-1711 / kathy@gaycity.org
Lark Ballinger Resources Manager 206-486-1410 / lark@gaycity.org
Lauren Mansur Communications & Media Coordinator 206-388-1713 / lauren@gaycity.org
Lector Morales Offsite Testing Manager & HIV/STI Tester 206-388-1705 / lector@gaycity.org
Luis Viquez Outreach Manager 206-388-1706 / luis@gaycity.org
Noah Frank HIV/STI Tester 206-388-1709 / noah@gaycity.org
Susan Rees Deputy Director 206-388-1707 / susan@gaycity.org
Tara Hardy Arts Director 206-388-1712 / tara@gaycity.org
Tobi Hill-Meyer Communications Director 206-860-9232 / tobi@gaycity.org
Tony Froehlich Bookkeeper
Yahaira Arenas Onsite Testing Manager & Health Insurance Navigator 206-388-1708 / yahaira@gaycity.org

fax: 206-860-0195

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