A resource and activity center for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth ages 14-22.

The Transgender Group is a weekly discussion and support group that gathers in the library. See the calendar page for the current day and time. Facilitated by transgendered adults, this group provides a chance for youth who have questions or are exploring their gender identity, or who identify as transgendered, to get to talk with adults and other youth about their experiences, feelings, and issues. This long-standing group is one of the very few transgender youth discussion groups anywhere in the world and is one example of how Lambert House is an international leader in LGBTQ youth support.

Queer Young Females Group is a discussion/support group that meets weekly in the library. Topics range from family issues to school happenings to like/lust/love relationships. All queer females welcome. Respect for others’ personal experiences and ideas is required, as well as respect for their privacy. Come discuss how smart, strong queer women live their lives.

Boy’s Group meets in the library each week; a volunteer conducts the meeting and youth take the opportunity to talk about issues that relate to their everyday lives.

Phone: (206) 322-2515