We’re an organization based in Seattle that supports transgender people and gender variant people towards growth and well being. Ingersoll provides support, education, advocacy and information resources for people interested in gender identity issues, and for service providers, employers, families and friends in order to promote understanding, awareness and acceptance of gender diversity.

Additionally, the last Thursday of each month, we’ve got a Book Club from 7-9pm at the Ingersoll Gender Center Trans*Space. This book club is for trans* identfied people and RSVP is required for this Book Club to kyle.ingersollgender@gmail.com.

In addition to our Wednesday support group, we have a Saturday Social group. This group meets at noon on Saturdays at the Ingersoll Gender Center Trans* Space (517 E Pike Street, lower floor Seattle, WA 98122) and is a time for socializing and getting to know other community members.

Ingersoll is one of the oldest organizations by and for transgender and gender nonconforming communities in the United States. Officially formed in 1977, Ingersoll Gender Center has been building community, connecting folks to resources and advocating for our communities in the Puget Sound region for over four decades.

Phone: 206-849-7859
Address: 911 E Pike St Suite #221 Seattle, WA 98122